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Turning Table

Turning Table



 It mainly used for workpiece rotating in horizontal.

 Main functions:

 It has the function of rotating in nx3600.

 Main features:

 The weight is light ; the rigidity is well and the appearance is nice.

 There are radial T slots on the workplate surface for fixing workpiece. Meanwhile, the workplate adopts well thermal behaviour material to prevent splitting when the workpiece is preheat too high.

 the rotating of workplate adopts DC step-less regular or AC variable frequency regular. Which type using is decided by customer needs or actual situation of operating. Drive system adopts breaking motor and worm and gear reducer, keeping sure equipment positioning precisely.

 The drive system is single drive.

 This horizontal rotation plate has the advantages of stable structure, heavy load capacity and convenient operating, etc.

 There's no need to fix equipment on the foundation, which is convenient for moving.

 It can be operated in any place by remote control box.

 There is reserved linkage in the electric cabinet, for connectring with column & boom and welding machine control system which made by our company.

 Turning table ranging from 3tons to 500tons load capacity.  also we can special design accord the customer`s request.

 Slip ring mounted in the below center fo the table for supply of electricity to power slide & heating coil used in cladding application.

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