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Hydraulic Lifting Type Positioner

Hydraulic Lifting Type Positioner


 Usage :

 It is used for exchanging position of work piece which is usaully large size structure and welded by manual.

 Main functions:

 It has the function of rotating and tilting.

 Main features:

 The operation is convenient. It can be assembled and operated in lower position and rotated in higher position, which make sure the welding seam always in perfect place. There are radial T slots on the surface of workplate for fixing workpiece.

 The rotation is adopted hydraulic rotating and lifting, with high efficiency. There is pressure relief function on the hydraulic system, effectively preventing damaging equipment as overload.

 The structure is compactly,  covering small space and operation is convenient.

 There's no need to fix equipmnet on the foundation, which is convenient for moving.

 It can be operated in any place by remote control box.

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