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CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine


CNC flame/strip cutting machine(for cutting carbon steel), and CNC plasma cutting machine(for cutting metal sheet as carbon steel, stainless, AL, AL alloy, brass,etc),feature in high speed, precise accuracy, good quality and efficient plate consumption. All the structure members of the machine are de-stressed thru anneal. Top-end components as germany precision reducer, accurate digital servo-system, linear guide-way are equipped with the machine. The machine distinguishes itself thanks to technique advantage and cost efficiency.

The powder marking torch can plot lines from 0.6 to 1.0mm width on the work-piece, by fusing zinc powder on to the surface using the heating flame. This indelible line can be used for lines, drawings and texts. It can be welded over without problems.

The plasma arc marking unit melts the material surface, and enables precise high quality marking of lines between 0.8 and 2.0mm width according to the required application.


Product function:

  1. Torch fitted with auto-ignition and auto-height adjustment.
  2. Powder marker and etching marker
  3. Capable of X,V or Y bevelling (triple torch arrangement)
  4. Auto starting position, arc voltage sensing.
  5. Plasma above-water or underwater cutting
  6. Flame/plasma/punching/drilling
  7. Nesting software
  8. Infra red tracking


Product features:

  1. Gantry frame is of welded construction with subsequent stress relief
  2. Cross and long travel gearbox uses precision german made neugart planetary gearbox
  3. Notors is panasonic or mitsubishi servo motors
  4. Precision rack and gear transmission to ensure accurate positioning
  5. 43kg high mn steel machined rail to ensure stable movement.
  6. Safe and reliable gas distribution board
  7. Ergonomics design for easy operation and maintenance
  8. High quality fuel gas or plasma cutting system for efficient operation.
  9. Fully automatic ignition,height adjusting, arc initiation, programming and kits.

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