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ZT Series Multi-Heads Straight Cutting Machine

ZT Series Multi-Heads Straight Cutting Machine


ZT series multi-heads straight cutting machine is a high precision oxygen ethyne(or propane) flame cutting equipment.

There are totally 10 units of cutting torches, of which 9 are vertical straight cutting torches, the other horizintal one. The machine traveling adopts AC motor frequency conversion adjusting, with wide speed adjusting range, stable and high precision cutting functions. Can cut rectangle, square, straight, is the necessary equipment for machinery industry like metal stucture factory, shipyard, crane transport rigidity.

Horizontal and vertical traveling adopts AC motorand imported transducer which realizes steplessspeed adjusting with wide adjusting range stable, reliable and high precision cutting.

Vertical traveling guide track is No. 45 steel, which is welded on the boom, after anneal, planning, milling treatment and then finished.

Gas route system adopts center gas collecting unit, pressure adjusting unit, electromagnetism valve, single valve, flow adjusting valve, anti-backfire unit, have been assembled to the system which has the function of high & low voltage conversion, pressure flow step-less adjusting and anti-backfire, insuring the safety and high efficiency of cutting.

Cutting torch parts adopt domestic fixed manufacturer's famous products with low maintenance cost.

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