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H-Beam Assembly Machine

H-Beam Assembly Machine


ZL series auto H-beam assebling machine adopts stand style assembling mode which has the perfect automatic functions compared with the traditional machines, no need dimension adjusting during working, hydraulic clamping, ifxed impaction, spot wedling and feeding can accembling. Orthe H-beam which the rake ≤150、height difference of web ≤6000mm.

Adopting twin direction automatic centering unit, can automatically accomplish steel plate centered fixing, no need manual adjustment.

Adopting 3 groups of wing plate and web auto hydraulic grip structure, solving the problem of tail-wiggling during web feeding.

Twin auto co2 spot welding head symmetry setting, the welding troch adopts gas driving feeding, machinery guide wheel tracking with high quality of spot welding.

Control system adopts imported transducer and logic controlling.

Hydraulic system control valve adopts advanced piling valve controlling.