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Gantry Welding Machine

Gantry Welding  Machine


LMH series gantry auto SAW machine is used for automatic SAW of H-beam, with twin welding heads design, can synchronously accomplish fillet welding in the plat position for 2 sets of H-beam. LMH series gantry auto SAW machine is suitable for the prismatic H-beam or non-uniform beam H-beam with a inclination=15 and hieght difference of the web=6000mm/machines frame adopts standard rectangle steel pipe which has beem welded, with low weight and high strength.

Automatic twin direction arc guide unit adopts linear guide track, with high precision tracking and low volume, can accomplish welding seam tracking and realize twin direction fro-and-to welding, ensuring welding seam quality, improving working efficiency.

Adopting flux auto vacuum recovery and feeding unit, with high efficiency and flux recovery and feeding, can effectively save cost and reduce labor strength of workers.

Welding power source and welding head adopts ZX5-1000 DC welding pwoer source.with perfect welding performance, stable electric-arc, high quality of welding seam and perfect appearance.