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YB-12K CNC Series Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine Shears

YB-12K CNC Series Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine Shears


Performance and characteristics:

    In hydraulic tilting structure form, block material after equipped with international famous brand after material of high performance linear guide rail, rolling bead wire rod, through the ESTUN E200S plate shears special numberical control system of the block before and after operation after material, control mode has variable frequency drive (and with standard) and servo drive, and at the same time also realize the shear unmber adn shear trip automatic control

Plate shearing machine parts CNC system

  • Multipe working steps programmed at one time and executed automaticlly, continuous positioning;
  • Automatic retraction to avoid possible impacts between workpiece and backgauge;
  • One side positioning, screw gap is eliminated;
  • Incu/mm selection;
  • Power down positoin memorizatioin;
  • Automatic searching for reference points and power down position  memorization are available for customer's choice.

Hd 275X48 pixel LCD display;

After the control of material should block;

The blade gap should control;

The shear trip should control;

After the actual positon should block material with programming value shows at the same time;

Shear should count;

100 program should step;

Face plate installation should;

Should the servo control/variable frequency speed regulation control/double speed AC motor control.

Panel installaton should

Should high brightness LCD display screen;

After should block material control;

Concession control should;

Shearing angle control should;

The shear clearance should control;

Should travel control shear;

Should the axis can be manual movement;

Pressure control should.