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Plate Shears

Plate Shears


This machine if different from the traditional driving mehtond of mechanical shears, it is one of the most advanced small size mechanical shearers and enjoys good reputation both at home and abroad. A brekemotor driving through a shaft mouted speed reduction unit and controlled by as delector switch for single or continuous strokes pronides quiet instantaneousing agemint. The lomw cutting angle and inclined shearing direction reduces bowing and twist to a minimum, blade clearance is easily set by a manually operated“quickset”device, its an ideal true cut machining equipment of sheet metal and nonferrous sheet metal.


This machine uses single-slide machinical srive of beautiful appearance simple construction, easily operation, safe and reliable. It 's widely used in motor,electrical, automobile industries and all shops of other industries where. Sheet metal cutting is required.

This machine is of simple construction, ince design ,sensitive and reliable control and easy maintenance, low energy consumption, it's widely used in motor,electrical, automobile inbustries and all shops of other inbustries where sheet metal cutting required.