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Portable Cutting Machine

Portable Cutting Machine


1. Description:

  CG1-30 portable cutting machine is an universal gas cutting machine, which uses medium-pressure fuel gas and high-pressure oxygen to cut the plate which thickness is more than 8mm. It mainly be used for straight-line cutting. It also can be used for circle cutting with diameter more than 200mm. Bevel cutting and V-shape cutting as well. If equipped with special attachments, the machine may be used for flame quenching and plastic welding by taking use of it drive.


2. Main technical parameter

Cutting speed: 50~750mm

Cutting thickness: 5~150mm

Cutting diameter of circle: ¢200~¢1800mm

Vertical cutting distance: 140mm

Horizontal cutting distance: 300mm

Total weight:28.5kg

Dimensions of main machine(length×width×height): 430×230×280mm